Benu does Bene

While researching restaurants in San Francisco, we came across a restaurant by the name of Benu. One glance at their sample menu caused ample confusion; we didn’t understand half of the menu… so of course we knew we had to try it! However, by the time we dined at Benu, to our dismay the menu had changed and not a single item seemed foreign anymore. Seemed a pity, until we actually tasted the food…

Cherry Blossom Granita, Cultured Yoghurt, Pistachio

The amuse bouche arrived to cleanse our palate…
tasting notes:
clean, fresh
yoghurt supplies tanginess
granita is COLD, cannot discern anything beyond that
pistachio offers a modest crunch
rating: 3.5

Wild Sockeye, Crispy Potato, Pickled Ramp, Button Mushroom, Nasturtium

First course arrived with the Wild Sockeye Salmon. Though quite not the fan of salmon, I required a predominantly seafood tasting menu to compensate for a rather large lunch that same day. Luckily, I was not disappointed…
tasting notes:
the dish smells fishy, but doesn’t taste fishy
salmon has incredibly moist texture
pickled ramp is mild yet flavorful
crispy potato is perfectly crisp, quite outstanding
button mushrooms are perfectly cooked but doesn’t lend much to the dish
rating: 4.5

Lobster, Wood Ear Mushrooms, Peas, Baby Corn, XO Sauce

The second course arrived with the Lobster…

tasting notes:
very clean tastes
very spring fresh
lobster supplies firm gelatinous structure
XO sauce offers chili ginger flavor
rating: 4

Duck, Preserved Plum, Turnip, Mustard Greens

The third course arrived with the Duck…
tasting notes:
duck tastes gamey and chewy
mustard greens look more like bok choy, and taste bland accordingly
sweet globs of plum sauce
rating: 3
Almond Brioche, Apricot, Buttercream, Osmanthus









Dessert course arrived with an Almond Brioche…

tasting notes:
brioche offers a perfect combination of fried/moist textures
apricot short tower does not offer any intense flavors
gelee adds different texture
buttercream is just so CREAMY
rating: 4.5





Note: ratings are given on a range from 0 – 6,

where 0 indicates God Awful — 3 indicates Humanly Mundane — 6 indicates Deliciously Evil

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