A Glimpse of Quince

I can barely remember even a glimpse of San Francisco’s James Beard Award-winning restaurant Quince, for I arrived thoroughly inebriated for our dinner reservation. Although my photographs and mostly illegible notes suggest that I did indeed have a meal there, this review should probably be taken with a margarita glass full of salt…

Porcini Mushroom, Five Tastes and Textures

Apparently the first course I ordered was the Porcini Mushroom appetizer. According to the menu, there should be five distinct representations of porcini mushroom, but I only discerned the following in my inebriation…
tasting notes:
crisp mushrooms
savory mushroom broth
mint seems out-of-place
rating: 4

Tortelloni, taleggio cheese, green garlic, chanterelle mushroom and summer truffle

According to my notes, my second course was the Fagotelli with Maine Lobster, English Peas, and Nasturtium. However, I seemingly photographed my neighbor’s tortellloni dish instead of mine…
tasting notes:
savory lobster broth
peas are a bit overcooked but fresh
lobster is fresh and sweet
fagotelli is chewy
rating: 4

Sonoma Liberty Duck, Bing Cherry with Campari-Black Pepper Sauce

The third course was the Sonoma Liberty Duck. My notes become severely illegible by this point…
tasting notes:
succulent greens
texture of duck is tough and chewy
Bing cherries are sweet
the sauce is also sweet
rating: 3.5

Artisanal Cheeses

I remember receiving the cheese selection for my dessert course, but I have no memory of actually eating it. From stories I’ve been told the next day, I heard the grim fate of the cheese…


I don’t remember these at all…
tasting notes:
I don’t know
rating: ?

Note: ratings are given on a range from 0 – 6,

where 0 indicates God Awful — 3 indicates Humanly Mundane — 6 indicates Deliciously Evil

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