Beeline to Boulevard

Apparently googling for “Best Restaurants in San Francisco” actually pans out some times.  Incidentally, this is how I ended up at Boulevard for lunch, which truly was one of the best of the bunch…

Ahi Tuna Tartare, Ginger and Chili, Crispy Rice Crackers, Cashews, Shallots, Fragrant Herbs, Cucumber Salad, Tamarind Chili Aioli

The appetizer was the Ahi Tuna Tartare, which was prepared before my eyes since I was sitting at the kitchen counter….
tasting notes:
• Subtle sweetness implies the tuna itself is fresh and sweet
• Rice crackers taste like Cornflakes…
• Cucumber salad is fresh and slightly spicy
• Cashews give a muddled crunch, which is almost a nuisance
• Tamarind chili aioli adds a savory touch, though the chili flavor is more prevalent than the tamarind

                       rating:  4.5


Braised Kurobuta Pork Cheek, House made Cavatelli, Swiss Chard, Pork and Porcini Sausage, Chili, Garlic

The main course was the Braised Pork Cheek, which happens to be the house favorite apparently.  The crew will actually dine in on their day off whenever it makes an appearance on the menu…

tasting notes:
• Pork cheek falls apart so easily, but needs more seasoning or flavor
• Sausage offers a MOIST texture, but is a bit salty (which compensates for the lack thereof on the part of the pork cheek)
• Cavatelli pasta is PERFECTLY al dente and a bit chewy (in a GOOD way)
• Swiss chard is also moist and well-seasoned
• Delicious pool of garlic oil inhabited the bottom of the dish
rating:  5


Still heavily inundated with the meal from the night before, dessert selection was forced to be limited to cheese.  Though a great pairing of Stilton and Sauternes is not a bad way to end a meal…

Note: ratings are given on a range from 0 – 6, where 0 indicates God Awful — 3 indicates Humanly Mundane — 6 indicates Deliciously Evil
    • Hedda
    • August 19th, 2011

    Wow, you photos make this food look amazing and delicious. What sort of camera are you using? Now I will be dreaming of CA all day! I miss it.

  1. Grade A stuff. I’m unusqetionbaly in your debt.

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